Quality Manufacturing is a System, Not Just a Slogan.


In an industry where margins come from industrial efficiency, there is an inherent ambition to optimize the industrial production taking in consideration the innovation, human resources, automatization and an integrated system of information.


Internal and external collaborative work to jointly develop innovative solutions for making electric vehicles components more environmentally-friendly, safer, more reliable and more efficient.


A more personalized set of products with client experience shared. We offer products that are better tailored than the dominant models to customers’ individual and immediate needs. We try to leverage technology to achieve this at competitive prices.

Ibérica Business Areas

Ibérica was founded on 15 December 1964 and has its headquarters and manufacturing plant in Vale do Grou - Águeda - Portugal. The company has a total surface area of 16.000 m2, with 10.000 m2 gross covered. Iberica industrializes steel and aluminum components for electric vehicles, automotive industry and motorcycle industry. It also produces conventional and electric bicycles dedicated to Bike Sharing services.

Electric Vehicles Industry

Electric Cars Components

Iberica provides steel and aluminum components to electric vehicles companies. Our enthusiasm with the electric vehicles related products and knowledge aim to fulfill our clients expectations and needs, at the right price. Our friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff will help inspire, educate and problem-solve for our customers.

Motorcycle Industry

Motorcycle Components

At Iberica we specialize in motorcycle components in steel and aluminium. Using our experience and technical expertise in drive components, we ensure that the specifications of our products meet or exceed the requirements of all modern motorcycles, be it street, motocross, enduro, off-road or ATV

Automotive Industry

Auto Components

At Iberica, we have grown into an internationally recognized supplier specializing in precision metal for the automotive industry. Our factory is designed as a lean, integrated manufacturing operation with the latest technologies; enabling us to maximize efficiencies in material flow and production processing while adhering to our rigid quality standards.

Ibérica Technology

The only constant in the technology industry is change. Being specialized in several technologies of metal, IBERICA has been evidencing strong vocation for the production of components for diverse sectors: two wheels, automotive and others. With highly quality and technical staff, responsible and experienced, has been obtaining very good results with development of new products in partnership with the Customers. IBERICA is specialize in: Aluminium Forging; Steel Forging; Machining and Turning; Stamping and Welding; Assembling of sets of different technologies; Surface Treatments
Aluminum Forging

Aluminum Forging

• Stamping Presses Until 1000 Tons • Crank Presses Until 250 Tons • Tunnel Oven for Heating Aluminum • Heat Treatment ovens.

Aluminum is best known for its light weight characteristics. When it is cold worked, the material strengthens by double. It does not oxidize quickly in air due to its microscopic oxide coating on the surface. Aluminum is the most widely used metal in industry due to its light weight, malleability and excellent corrosion resistance. It also exhibits a good strength-to-weight ratio and is extremely durable. Most aluminum products are manufactured using aluminum alloys, which have varying degrees of hardness based on the alloy composition. Pure aluminum is used when corrosion resistance is more critical than strength in the end product.

Steel Forging

Steel Forging

• Presses for stamping until 2500 tons • Induction Ovens for Forging • Heat Treatment Ovens • Magnaflux Control

The art of forging has existed from prehistory, when man first began to work with metal. Until comparatively recently it was, with few exceptions, the only method of shaping solid metal into forms such as swords, axes, eating and cooking utensils, coinage and jewellery. Forging may be defined as the process of shaping metal by the controlled amount and direction of plastic deformation using impact or pressure.
It is usually done hot, but cold forging is also carried out.

Stamping and Welding

Stamping and Welding

• Stamping Presses until 1000 tons • Hydraulic presses until 400 Tons • Crank presses until 250 tons • Welding MIG/MAG Robots and Manual Machines • Spot Welding Machines

IBERICA has many manufacturing capabilities in house. The stamping capabilities include high-speed presses and high tonnage capacity. IBERICA has a large welding area that can support the customer’s need. We have certified welders and processes. We can weld almost any material, including; mild steel, aluminum, stainless, and copper-nickel.

Machining and Turning

Machining and Turning

• Machining Centres Multi-pallets; • Numeric Control Turning Centres • Multiple Spindle, Automatic and Mechanical Lathes • Diverse Milling Machinery • Broaching Machines

IBERICA is dedicated to set up one standard CNC machining process to all of client's projects, and make them better rather than average, IBERICA provides own unique machining options for projects, from design, material, forming, and machining production, while dedicated to highest quality and exploring every ways to ensure product quality and delivery time shorten. With continuous improvement, from RFQ to delivery, we strive to get high-quality parts fastest.

Assembling of Sets of Different Technologies

Assembling of Sets of Different Technologies

• Components Assemblies • Integration of Different Technologies • Sets
Surface Treatments

Surface Treatments

• Powder and Liquid Painting line • Anodizing Line • Zinc Plate Line (White and Black) • Degassing chamber • Effluents Treatment Unit


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