IBERICA, in its effort for continuous improvement, established an agreement with KAIZEN Institute, based on the idea that small, ongoing positive changes can reap significant improvements. As a broad concept that carries myriad interpretations, it has been adopted in many other industries. It can be applied to any area of business and even on the individual level. Kaizen can use a number of approaches and tools, such as value stream mapping, which analyzes and improves information or material flows required to produce a product, and Total Quality Management, which is a management framework that enlists workers at all levels to focus on quality improvements. Regardless of methodology, in an organizational setting, the successful use of Kaizen rests on gaining support for the approach across the organization and from the CEO down.

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Jose Augusto Santos Silva * Martim Borges Coutinho de Lima Mayer * Antonio Manuel de Sousa Balreira Brinco * Rogerio Paulo Caiado Raimundo Celeiro


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