Iberica’s Electric Bikes are designed from scratch. Whichever version you may choose, all Iberica’s electric bikes are equipped with high-quality components. Each handmade frame has been thoroughly tested on quality, stability, and handling. Additionally, the lightweight aluminum frame has internal reinforcements for increased rigidity and maneuverability – this results in quality e-bikes standing at the forefront of the market.

Riding an electric bike is a philosophical adjustment. The first time you glide past a long-time bike commuter on their speedy everyday whip, you will feel like a bougie jerk. But no one’s stopping them from going electric.

If an electric motor gets you outside, reduces fossil fuels, and reduces congestion, we think it’s worth it. Over the past few years, we’ve tried to create an electric bike for bikeshare, electric bike for use at universities, and dock stations to charge the eBikes. These are the final product that we got at IBERICA.


Jose Augusto Santos Silva * Martim Borges Coutinho de Lima Mayer * Antonio Manuel de Sousa Balreira Brinco * Rogerio Paulo Caiado Raimundo Celeiro


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