Metal Mechanics Industry founded in 1964, supplies pieces in steel and aluminum, stamping, forging and machining are its main technologies. Tier I Automotive suppliers as well as Top world motorbike brands are its main Clients. It now owns a bike-sharing industrialization system patent and will launched in Cascais, Lisbon on 2016 its first program.

Specialized in several technologies of metal, has been evidencing a strong vocation for the production of components at different sectors, like the automotive sector, motorcycle sector and cycling sector. With highly qualified technical staff, has been obtaining outstanding results with development of new products in partnership with customers.

In the last 10 years Ibérica invested in advanced technology and in collaboration with the INEGI and CEiia. This measure has given good results, making the company a European reference in steel and aluminium forging.

Is the only company in Portugal that develops autonomously aluminum forged parts projects from your conception, elaboration and definition of the process and manufacture.

The evolutionary strategy of the company, is based on the diversification of markets and products in areas, using in a efective way the proccess where it is specialist:

Steel and aluminium forging; steel and aluminium mechanization; turning; and welding.